Bony Shit Domina Nce

Massive Enema Party! – Part 4

Part 4 – From time-to-time, the men would repeatedly reposition the sweetheart and also take the opportunity to grab different parts of her body! When she is no longer releasing anymore feces, she gets her asshole injected with another round of enema solution! This goes on until she gets exhausted and her rectum rendered completely empty! By then, the men would gather around a different sweetheart and do the same things to her! This would go on until all of the women get taken advantage by the huge male crowd!

Mistress Michelle – Scat Biscuits P1

The slave licks clean the boots of Mistress Michelle. The slave kneels in front of her as it should be. Now Mistress Michelle needs to use the toilet and use the slave as a toilet. He has to lie down on the floor and open his slave mouth. Mistress Michelle pees directly into his mouth. After that, Mistress Michelle shits on a plate. A great turd with which one may well cut out cookies. The slave gets a roll and must make the shit flat. After that he must cut out the shit with a mold. Looks delicious;-)


Mariah is hot running sexy shit 😉