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Today video for fans of shit and tights.I get dressed first brown tights and then the right pantyhose blue.It’s exciting and enjoyable…I’ll push the poop and appears brown spot near on my horny ass.Undressing slowly my dirty blue pantyhose .Slowly I stroking my body and tits.Rip brown tights and you see a very dirty horny ass.I see that my master and cameraman in one person has an erection …and therefore I have to suck his horny dick …At the end of my cleansing in the shower.

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The slave gets with the cattle prod a few more electricity hits, so that he lick faster the piss from the floor. Lady Grace then shits in a plastic bottle and the slave has to whistle a song along the way. Afterwards, the whole is garnished with spit and piss. So the toilet slave can then pull the shit through the narrow bottle neck into his toilet mouth.


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