Bony Vomit Puke

Masturbation And A Lot Of Pooping!

With the house all to herself, the first thing that comes to this sweetheartÂ’s mind is the opportunity to quench her unusual and dirty fetish! However, before she does that, she first gives herself some foreplay in the form of groping her breast and rubbing her crotch! As soon as she is in the mood, she takes a seat on the living room couch, strips off her clothes, and then defecates on the floor! She does her best to release as much as she can, resulting in a large mess! After which, she bends over and fucks her pussy with a dildo! With every thrust she makes, she further worsens the smeared feces all over her groin and ass! Though, it only further gets her more aroused! The only time she stops is after she reaches orgasm and squirts!

Honey Brown’s Pain, Strain, And Eventual Relief!!

Honey Brown?s Stinkhole was being Stubborn! She came into the bathroom to have a nice morning Pee and dizzump. Enjoy as she squats, hovers, even stands up trying to get her Bowelz Moving!! No luck! Enjoy as she talks about what she ate the day before. Finally after about 9 minutes of struggle, the floodgates open!! Another Dumptastic Clip from my favorite MILF!!

Mouth- Shitting, -pissing And -spitting!

This is the first part of the full movie Shit, piss and spit torture for the new toilet slave! with Mouth- shitting, -pissing and -spitting