Boob Flash Poops

Tongue In My Shithole

Watch as I sits on my trone backwards and drops an amazing soft load for you to eat. I know how difficult and cruel to eat my shit which I kept during the day for my slave. But I know how you like to be used by me as a toilet. Open your mouth wide and lick my sweet shithole. Deep inside my shitty arsehole. Mmm…it’s amazing. I will give you a new duty – to be my toilet paper ? My booty is even more magnificent, solid and quivering as the slave sticks its tongue into my asshole. I have gotten used to a slave loosening up my asshole that I cannot use a toilet without it. I have so completely destroyed its self-respect that it not only allows itself to be shit on, it literally sucks the shit out! And as a reward for the slave’s efforts, I vomit on his face! Wow, look ta this! It’s so ugly!I ‘ll leave you alone, slave. Enjoy and jerk off…

Shit, Smoking And Squirting – Horniness Pure

I was just about to smoke one when I became extremely horny. I’ve come to shit and I’ve smeared my pussy neatly. My lust was so extreme that I just came extremely with a squirting. Too bad you weren’t there so you really missed something.

Squatting Poop

This is a standing squatting poop video. I walk down the hallway and into the bathroom. I start playing with my tits, stroking and squeezing them while moaning a little. Then I tell you that I need the toilet. In fact, i’m desperate, i’ve been holding it in all day. It’s been pushing against my asshole, dying to come out since I woke up. I get into a squatting position, pull my ass cheeks apart and start pushing. One by one, lots of small logs come out, landing on the floor between my legs. The more I do, the harder it gets so I push harder and harder until it’s all out. Then I come close to the camera and show you my asshole, a little bit still hanging out. I show you the pile i’ve left on the floor and tell you how good it felt and what a relief it is to finally get that out of me!

Smoking Bitch In The Shit

Your little Bitch and poops while smoking a little droppings Dich.Schade for which you have not caught with your mouth, so I had to try it yourself.