Booty Shtaking With Poop

Eat Shit Out Of My Tanned Ass

I returned from vacation to GOA and I was pretty well tanned. I spent the holidays with my man, and my slave all this on time meekly awaited my return. He was very hungry during my absence. And now, my toilet, listen to me very carefully! I want you to look me only at my asshole! Look and hold your mouth open! Remember What is your purpose, your only purpose. To serve me like a toiet! You are nothing more to me! You are my shithole. Accept your fate slave. My ass clear? Answer me! Now hold your mouth wide open! O yes, this is what you deserve – sweety shit from mt tanned ass! Swallow it! Do it slave!

Erotic Toilet Slavery 2. Mega Heap!

Erotic toilet slavery 2. Mega heap! This is another video in which girls demonstrate their beauty. Karina, Christina and Amina touch their pussies, show off their asses. For the toilet slave they are Goddesses. He bows to them and he is ready to fulfill their every desire. He is very pleased to serve beautiful girls as a toilet. This time he has a difficult task. The girls forbade him to eat shit instantly. They made a huge pile of shit on the slave’s face and Mrs. Christina took a close-up picture of that. Then, the toilet slave had to completely eat this mega heap of crap. And he successfully coped with this task.

Toilet For Me And My Girlfriend

Today I had a hard day and I invited my girlfriend to visit. She gave me a massage and we caressed each other. She lick my legs and my pussy. I relaxed a little and finished with the girl’s oral caresses. Then we called the toilet slave, who was lying on the floor all the time and watching us. The first my girlfriend shit into slave mouth, then I shit at him. So his mouth was completely filled with our shit. As an encouragement, I allowed the toilet slave to kiss my legs and spit in his mouth. He remained lying on the floor and was very happy that two mistresses had shitting in his mouth.

Going Through Scat Slave Training – Part 4

She sits on the girl’s face and unloads her own shit for her to eat. They finish the disgusting session by rolling around the floor and covering themselves with the slimy food remains.