Boy Poop On Floor

Edwina, A Young Cute Pooloving Girl….

she is so scat-horny…

Open Mouth Is Allowed To Eat Shit

I’m with Cherie in the studio, as she asks me for a suitable toilet slave to shit in as she needs to go very urgently. Of course I got her a suitable toilet-pig. Whether or not it completely swallows the huge sausages and the piss of Miss Cherie under our supervision you can see in this video. *smile*

Swallowing, Eating, Swallowing

Really nice used is our toilet slave. Miss Jane can get over the slaves mouth in the last second, before she empties her overflowing bladder. The toilet is drinking as fast as it can, but at this level it passes over and must sip the rest from the bottom. Then he is used as a toilet, I shit in his mouth, spit and piss. Because he did not swallow fast enough, I punish the loser with fierce kicks to his balls.

Kinky Fat Dude And His Lovely Scat Sluts In The Bathroom

Kinky fat dude and his lovely scat sluts in the bathroom