Boy Shits On Girl

Morning Home Diarrhea

Kind of my beautiful ass is breathtaking. I slept while the slave was waiting for his morning feeding. I woke up and made him lick my legs, ass and pussy. It’s nice to get affection from the slave in the morning. All he wants now is to eat my morning shit! But this time I give it a little surprise – morning diarrhea! The slave tries to let it slides down its mouth but much of it ends up piled on its face. And as if my fragrant, liquid shit was not enough to beautify its face, I even add my spit. I make pathetic slave to eat my delicious shit.

Mistress Annabelle – Toilet Pleasures – Hd Ver.

Today I’m peeing, spitting and shitting at the slave mouth. I uses a slave instead of a toilet. Now every time I wants at the toilet I will use him mouth. What a pleasure to serve me, my toilet. Eat all of my shit. I have a lot of shit for you.

New 2017 Princess Miya.fuul Version.mobil Version

My most sweet Lady:)mmmÂ… Mia is the most beautiful model of our studio. She is fond of humilating men and loves turning them into her slaves.

Bbw Prison Warden Scats And Smothers!

Today the prison wardens have come dressed in their own clothing for their day ruling over their prisoners. Today, the fearful BBW prison warden is ruling over her inmates. Today, unlike other days she is wearing pink lingerie and has brought with her a matching pink scat chair which she intends to use on her prisoners. Her prisoner is ordered to sit under the chair and this big warden also has a BIG DELIVERY for this inmate. The shit quickly fills his mouth and start piling out across his face. It is solid chunks of beauty but there is too much for him to consume easily. This not a bite sized serving. It is super sized! The big warden pulls on a pair of rubber gloves so she can help her prisoner consume this massive load before smothering his pathetic face under her massive ass before ordering him to clean her big dirty ass with his tongue.