Boys Peeing Urnials

What A Shit!

.. that was probably the thought of the slave. 🙂 Would he have willingly made available as my toilet, if he had known what a portion of caviar to come to him? I was a little scared of the amount of shit that landed in his mouth. But now he had to go through. As much as possible, the (poor) sow should swallow. And I think he liked it. 🙂

Amazing Turkeyday Poopy!

It’s Thanksgiving day and I ate sooo much!!! After the thanksgiving feast at my family’s house I still have to go to work though…and as usual I have to shit! All that food and the poopy is so much I have to shit twice! Watch both videos of me pooping out all the turkey, potato salad, stuffing, cranberry sauce, ham, coleslaw…the poop is pretty amazing!2 vids in 1!!!

Lady Crocodile – Call Of Nature (pee And Poo) Part 1

It was her first and only scat-session until today. Slave Bodo was used by her pretty good.

Franchesa Gabriella Outdoor Diarrhea!

Watch BBW Pornstar Francesca Gabriella as she releases some ‘Human Fertilizer’ in her backyard!!! she’s doing a little Spring Gardening and decided to fertilze with her own natural ingredients!!! Watch her sexy ass as it shakes and jiggles and watch the explosive shit shoot out!!