Bra Sil Shit Eating Long Videos

Slave Cleans My Gassy Ass

Why should any goddess need toilet paper when her slave is around? Slave tongues feel much better and do a way better job. I make sure to show the camera how filthy my ass is before calling my slave over to lick me clean, tonguing deep inside to make sure every spec of filth is gone. Farting repeatedly all over his tongue and filling his cheeks in the process to make it even more humiliating. Lick my filthy farting ass slave!! There must have been some left over because my gas wasn’t the only thing going into his mouth…

‘hd’ ‘double Bursting Aerobics In Swishy Nylon Pants Cause Nonchalant Poop And Piss Accidents’

Do you know these women from TV that lead on groups of people in tight leggings and show aerobics for you to join in at home? Well, I am your coach today, except I wear a bikini top and swishy vintage nylon shorts. The exercise is so exhausting that I have several toilet accidents, big and small. I just empty out through all holes.However, being your coach, I am a professional that just continues as if nothing happened. I try to keep composure until the end, despite the bodily waste accidents. After the workout I want to leave quickly to clean up, were it not for a participant that just HAS to ask me to show again how the warm up is done..

Mistress Gaia – Enjoy Your Meal, Shit!

Hello slave … starts from my beautiful feet … begin to lick and clean them thoroughly because soon you will have to clean up my ass.Look what I made for you … a delicious lunch, enjoy your meal, slave!

Eaten P1

Today i meet a new toilet slave who is waiting already before my flat very nerous. After we are in the slave is on his knees and do the things which I say to him.