Bra Silian Lesbian Cat And Vomiting In Kitchen

Shit Through Pantyhose

I wear my nylon tights in black. I’m standing in the pose of a dog and starting to shit. my shit can be seen in close-up. badly stinks. my tights are full of shit. i smear shit over my body through pantyhose. take off pantyhose and smear shit on a fat ass and stomach. I caress my body.

2018!big Pile Of Shit From Jessica

Big pile of shit from JessicaScat smearing.Boot smearing.

White Leggins Poop

This morning I wasn’t able to hold the poop and I literally made shit in my white leggins. As you’ll see from this brown video, my leggins have completely changed their original color… shitlovers as you are, you probably prefer them now. What a beautiful brown! Do you agree?

Sensational Student Turd!!

Super sweeet turd from a fantastic student girl!!!