Brazil Piss Vomit Cat Party

Shit Up

I was on the way and urgently needed to go to the bathroom, but I almost did not make it and a little went into the panties and I have such a diarrhea

Shhhh, The Neighbours Can Hear Us!!!two Panties Filled With Poop On The Staircase

We are coming home so desperate to poop that we barely manage to walk.I can’t even move, it’s hurting, the elevator isn’t working at all and our last chance is the staircase.Yeah, but we aren’t living on the first floor!!!! Dannie,shhh!Please the neighbours can hear us.Please be quiet! I can’t Jessy,I can’t !Please wait me,stop for a while! I can’t hold it I just can’t..ohh nooooo! Crap,its smelling badly!The whole staircase smells like shit!Jessy is trying to move forward but noo,she can’t.Her white panties are getting brown again… Do you hear it? Somebody opens the door.Hurry up,he is coming over here!!

Jessicas Pile Up Ipod/iphone

Big butt bbw shitting queen Jessica drowns the toilet in a huge pile of soft nasty shit. This was such a nasty load we had to add a slow motion bonus so you can see it pile up and hear it as it comes out of her big ass. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats.


Ally giantess is naughty running shit at your faces!