Brazil Puke Vomit

Strawberry With Caviar

The dessert for the slave in the toilet bowl is served. It smells delicious. With a strawberry, the delicious caviar is garnished. With delectation the slave eats the stinking strawberry. The mistress pushes the slave with her head deep into the toilet bowl. Then the slave, under strict instructions of the mistress, lick the chocolate and clean the toilet edge with his tongue.

4 Ladies Shit And Piss A Slave In The Mouth! Part 1, Contessa Shits Into The Slave’s Mouth!

Here you can see the first part, from a total of 4 parts, from the full movie: 4 ladies shit and piss a slave in the mouth Here in the first Part pooped and pisses Contessa Calucci the slave in the mouth!

Restrained Woman Accidentally Poops During Anal Fucking!

In this situation, a couple decides to experiment with hardcore bondage! So the woman gets restrained with different various equipment! After which, the man proceeds to bend her over and anally fuck her with a dildo! It didn’t take long before she gets her rectum triggered and accidentally defecates! When the guy pulls out the sex toy, along with it came a huge stream of feces! Infuriated, the first response of the man is picking it up and then smearing it all over the body of the defenseless and restrained sweetheart!

Panty Full Programm

Panty Girl has fun with her shit in front of her camera men, who pisses right in her face covered with shit.