Brazil Women Pooping

Kiss My Boots & Drink My Piss!

I walk my fat-ass slave on a leash to get him some much needed exercise. To show him his place in the pecking order I make him kiss my boots and spank his ass. All of the sudden I have to pee so I think to myself why not piss in a cup and make him drink it? He’s certainly thirsty after all that ‘exercise’ :)) My pee is dark and intense, I am sure he will enjoy it! I give him a few sips, walk him a bit more, some spanking, and then another sip until it’s all gone.

Melissa Is Bootyfull!!

That ass, that ass, that ass!! Melissa is one of my OG?s on this site. Two years later, I am still excited every time she sends me a set of clips!!! This busy corporate climber doesn?t have time to record as often, but it?s always worth it when she ?Lawgs? in!! Enjoy a new set of four public toilet clips. She makes me wish that if I could be an inanimate object for a day, I would be the toilets she sits on!! That bubble butt is a chocolate and juicy as ever!! Such a beauty. Such a Booty!!!

Pov Quicky Shitting

I must shitting and knees on my Toilette,you can so good see when the shit comes-he is POV…..see my shit when he comes out from my asshole!! And my litte feets,you love she and my big Ass!!