Brazilian Cat Poop Girls

Rosella Chocolate Biscuits! Special Biscuits Baked For A Fan!

Here I baked special chocolate cookies for a big fan of mine! Since my fan, of me, wanted to have cookies, which I refined with my Rosella chocolate! No problem, so I baked cookies for my fan and then shit on these biscuits and pissed on it! So that the cookies were nicely finished with shit and my piss. Afterwards I sent the biscuits, my fan, in a package, by mail, home!

Lady M – Shit Feeding Lessons Part 1

Lady M just create her personal scenarios and she love to use pathetic sluts and toilets for her dream : She love to have a harem of toilets and not use anymore the porcelain toilet ! You can see all her feedings with her real toilet slaves from today and also many many shit scenes with her alone at home, when toilets cannot arrive and she must shit huge turds and waste the food….. Enjoy the meal and become ADDICTED.

250 Gr Kitchenshit

Yeah, as I got irritable bowel syndrome, I often shit BIG servings .. This time again there came 250 grams, half a pound best, creamy caviar, and that I bring from a completely different perspective to your table! 🙂

Pee For User

I sit in front of the PC and chat. The user wants to see how I piss in my gray leggings. So I does 😉