Brazilian Dimination Spit Fart Pee

Monster Thick Shit

You can not eat all my shit but I know how you want it! You are going to be my toilet, this is your purpose slave… you are my toilet and you have to put up with it! ))) Oh I forgot about this smelly gift for you … Open mouth, loser…

Queen Sylvy’s Pooty Booty Bathroom Logs!!

Queen Sylvy is back with another!! Live from Brazil, it’s been a pleasure watching this exotic goddess share her delicous MILF booty with us over the past year!! Enjoy two new clips loaded with poots, plops, and pee!! Enjoy in the 1st as she puts the camera on the floor as she spreads and pushes her morning load in the toilet. In the second, we get another excellent POV as she pushes out some serious logs and back splashers into the bowl!! Two new action packed to clips to add to your collection!!

Sweetbettyparlour “’oments Of Poop’ Vol 2

SweetBettyParlour SPECIAL “Мoments of poop” vol 2There is most epic project in my store, shitting moments (moments where i shitting) from over 100 video* Stunning collection for all my fans, i had hard work on it. Over 30min* of incredible, hot and tasty shit from my ass. You see all my stuff, creame, rock, liquid, soft from brown to yelow from ocean of shit to one big hard turd. Now all your fantasies be real. After you buy it please rate and leave a comment with your review and opinion about that movie, stay tuned love you!)* That video is SECOND PART (vol 2) in this video you see ALL shit moments from SECOND season (over 20 videos) from “First Person O_o SCAT FANTASIES

Mistress Gaia – Scat Caviar In A Diaper – Hd Version

A male slave lies strictly restrained on the floor. You urinate and defecate onto a diaper on the floor. You start to feed the caviar to the slave with the spoon very relentlessly and ruthlessly. Near the end you step with you boot into the remaining caviar and make the slave eat it from the soles. Additionally you spit in slap into his face. Lastly you order the slave to lay his face into the remaining caviar and you tightly fasten the diaper around his head and you untie him and parade him around on a leash like a dog. Pls. be strict & cruel the whole time.