Brazilian Shiting Anal Cat

Piss Punishment For Two Slaves By Two Dominatrixes!

After a day of searching, these two dominatrixes finally find and catch unsuspecting males which they have brought into their dungeon to be tormented! One of them is heavily restrained and then has his head inserted into a contraption resembling a chair! Without further ado, the ladies then take turns sitting on it and urinating on the victim’s face! By the time they are finished, the box that encloses the guy’s head has become halfway filled with urine! The ladies then direct their attention on the other slave who too is also heavily restrained with his eyes blindfolded! What they do is take turns serving their pussies into his mouth, making him lick them clean!

Ueda Misaki Enema 1

Ueda Misaki releases a noisy embarrassing enema while her face alternates between shyly looking away and smiling awkwardly at the camera. Multi-angle views, rare uncensored.

Peeing In Kitchen Sink

Peeing in kitchen sink (JJ000041)

Captured Slave In Dungeon! – Part 2

They place a chain on his neck and yanks on it often like he’s a dog. They take turns sitting on his face to make him lick their cunt and asshole.