Brazilian Teen Shitting

The Princess With Diaper

They are in the living room, with a beautiful dress, high heels, are a princess and sexy I move for you, walk, extension, I show my body … and then I turn pull up the skirt and c is a nice diaper … . Mmmmmmh like this brat? then we go to the bathroom and pee inside and so we do not just move … ohh and the diaper and ‘full of scat …. depraved you like it? I am a slut smear me then all we get in the tub and let you see how sditalino I smeared poo …….. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Angel is naughty loading sport pants with huge shit!

No Toilet Slave

My toilet for the day failed to show up. Sadly it meant my Caviar was wasted. I made a clip to show just what the slave missed out on.