Brides Taking A Fat Shit

Professor Eating The Feces Of Submissive Students! – Part 1

In the middle of the class, the professor gets bored so he decides to tell the ladies to standup! When they naively complied, he proceeds to further take advantage of them! One-by-one, he lifts up their skirt and then takes off their panties! After which, he finger fucks their pussies! When he gets satisfied, he stops and then orders the two to finger fuck each other!

New!princess Mia

The miserable slave has burnt up his dear Lady a lot. She’ll have to punish this naughty jerk. She orders him to lie on the floor, then began to sit on his face and strangle him. Mia turned on a song and danced on the face of a loser, laughed, played on his face, sat down and got kicks from the fact that the worm couldn’t not do anything and only obediently lay with the pulled out tongue. Mia rubbedher holes against the tongue of a slave, groaned and enjoyed his torment. Then she decided to punish him even more harshly. She shitted right into the face of a pig, laughed and laughed at how helpless and insignificant this slave was. He couldn’t not do anything, but just to lie and gasp … Then she capturedhim on video, poked his dirty face into a puddle of urine and shit and laughed at him, she orders him to lick all the tasty things that she has cooked for this pig.

I Shit Myself Please Let Me Use The Toilet!

A woman is currently in the toilet when I tried to yank the door as I shit myself with runny brown shit. It’s everywhere and I’m soaked.