Briefs Poop Guys

Abducted Man Has To Drink The Piss Of A Dozen Women!

There is a cult composed only of women who are terrorizing the city. What they do is that they abduct unsuspecting men for their unpleasant rituals! In this situation, this unlucky guy is the victim and he is bound to a contraption! Unable to move, there is nothing that he could do to contest the situation! As a result, the sweethearts easily gather around him and attach tubes, which are connected to the man’s mouth, to their pussies! Not long after, they simultaneously urinate, causing the victim to helplessly gulp down the piss of a number of women! When they are finished, another group of sweethearts do the same thing on the guy!

Mega Hard And Thick Shit Sausage Pooped Into The Slaves Mouth!

The title says it all! And another toilet slave who wanted to swallow my horny shit and pee. The slave had to lie under my toilet chair and under my hot ass! Then I pooped the slave a mega-hard, fat and beautiful shit sausage into his mouth. Since my shit- sausage was so hard and fat, she went nicely into his mouth and when this was full, the rest of the sausage landed on his face and his eye. Then I pissed the slave still in his mouth filled with my shit. Then the slave had to eat my shit sausage and carry it completely with his hands into his mouth. See how he chewed my hard shit and swallowed it. Because she was so hard, he had trouble eating them. But that did not interest me. Who serves me as a toilet must swallow everything. While he was eating my shit, he was allowed to wank his cock until he squirts in a high arch. Seems to have liked him to eat my shit!

Pissing On Her Tits

Pissing on her tits (JJ000665)

Wife Pukes And Pisses On Hubby!

He’s so pathetic that wifey can do anything that she damn well pleases and he will just let it happen. If he displeases her and she wants to punish him by soaking him in her bodily fluids and wastes, then so be it. Right now, she’s stripped off her panties and covering him with her warm piss, drenching his pathetic body. She sits on his face and makes him lick her cunt clean. She gets a bowl, pukes on it, and hand-feeds him the disgusting fluid. To rewards him like the shitty dog that he is, she gives him a good handjob and makes him cum all over her hands.