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You Almost Ate My Scat!!!

It was just an ordinary day at work when a customer enters and he orders his food but keep changing his mind! Before he arrived I already needed to go to the toilet and now I am even more desperate. He changes his order a few times and I can no longer hold my shit :(( So it all came out at once. The smell was horrid and my boss even smelt it from the kitchen!!! The annoying customer left because of the foul smell of my poop! I had to clean the floor where all my poop popped out of my silk panties, shit I just bought these too! Now its soaked with my stinky shit!!! If I ever keep my job and that customer comes back I will definitely mix my shit in his food and SERVE it with a smile.


my big, loud piece!They make big BOOOOM! dark mousse with pussy smells interesting. my pussy itches from it!

Poop Properly First Before Breakfast

so there is more space in the figure, what to eat breakfast 🙂 The bulging ass I hold you in the camera and leave out anything that has not paid rent! And, ne Close-up of rival incl 🙂