Broken Toilet 10 – Sleepy Shit Swallower

I like being honest with my fans, this time my bathroom toilet wasn’t broken. I was lying in bed simply too lazy to get up. What to do? Simple, let me just call my slave to get his open mouth by my asshole so I can take a very big and smelly shit right into his mouth! Trust me, this was a very big and VERY smelly shit. Remember this guys, the best part of waking up for a woman is when she has a slave whom can lick her smelly asshole first thing in the morning. I could literally smell my own ass when I pulled my legs up while lying on my side. So first he gave my asshole a good and long lick. I even grabbed him by the neck and pushed his face harder into my sexy bottom so he can get his tongue in nice and deep to lubricate and work my shit loose. As you’ll see by how big and thick my turds were this was necessary. I pushed out two large and thick turds that he eagerly swallowed as I pushed it out. Finally I pushed out a huge, thick but softer load. Notice how I close my eyes and bite my lower lip as he struggle and gag to keep up swallowing? I’ll tell you a secret, this is what happens when I get extremely aroused. The pleasure of feeling those thick loads sliding out into his wet, warm mouth and him struggling to swallow it all. Keep a close eye on my vagina as well, you’ll see how it’s turning red and swelling up during all of this. I simply can’t help it, I LOVE this fetish and my body language and facial expressions give me away. I almost orgasm-ed when he pushed his face into my shit smeared bottom when I was empty and tongue fucked my shit smeared asshole afterwards. First time I used a human toilet in this position and I must say it was EXTREMELY satisfying! Note: I will try as far as possible to upload new video clips every 48 to 72 hours. Xoxo

Broken Toilet  10 - Sleepy Shit Swallower

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Studio: Goddess Tempest