Broken Toilet 11 – Job Interview

We all know unemployment is a very real issue in most countries. To make matters worse some employers take advantage of this situation by exploiting their employees whom just do whatever they are asked out of fear of being retrenched or losing their job. I decided to dedicate this episode of Broken Toilet to all employees out there whom feel they have to do whatever it takes to get a job and keep it *GODDESS TEMPEST* style!Steve was retrenched 6 months ago and with a family as well as his elderly parents to support he really needs a job in the video production industry. Unfortunately he is not qualified for the job but claims he is a quick learner. The other P.A (Personal Assistant) position has already been filled and Goddess Tempest feels bad for the poor guy. So she creates a new job for Steve right there and then.The P.S (Personal Slave) position. As a probation Goddess Tempest explains to him if he licks her smelly asshole right there and then in the office and complete one more task afterwards he has the job. She needs to go to a 2 hour meeting but she had quite the office party last night meaning she has an upset stomach and she needs to take a very nasty soft shit.First she makes Steve say it out loud that he want to lick her smelly asshole and then be her toilet so she can take her nasty soft shit right into his mouth. Goddess Tempest feels he should be employee of the month. What do you guys think?Watch as this potential employee, nicely dressed up wearing a tie pull my office pants down and tongue fuck my smelly asshole before I take him to another part of the office to take a nasty soft shit in his employee mouth.Attention: Unemployment is a real issue. Please take note that I created Broken Toilet 11 to bring this very real problem under people’s attention as well as giving you great viewing pleasure by taking a very nasty shit right into my slave (Devoted Sub’s) mouth. This nasty shit felt really good to push out into his mouth and all over his face 🙂 In the office of Goddess Tempest slaves get humiliated and degraded for her pleasure in the cruelest of ways.This production was shot from 3 different camera angles so you can enjoy the wide view of me sitting on the toilet chair with my slave’s open mouth under my asshole, a closer shot so you can see proper detail of my soft, nasty shit curling out into his mouth and over his pathetic face as well as a close view of my facial expressions as I’m shitting. Note I will try as far as possible to upload new video clips every 48 to 72 hours. Xoxo

Broken Toilet  11 - Job Interview

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Studio: Goddess Tempest