Broken Toilet 3 – Massive Staircase Shit

Good morning! So sorry to keep you waiting. My slave was supposed to inform me of your arrival. I am so embarrassed by the poor behavior of my slave. I’ve been expecting you for my interview and now he made you wait. Since my toilet has broken again I will shit right into his mouth from the staircase railing in order to punish him for making you wait so long. While I’m at it he might as well lick my ass clean afterwards, smear my bottom and lick and rub his face into it. Afterwards I’ll make him savor the taste of my excrement by licking it right in front of the camera so you can see how dirty his pathetic tongue gets. I’ve been holding 4 days so I can feel from the pressure in my bowels it’s going to be a massive one! Note: I will try as far as possible to upload new video clips every 48 to 72 hours. Xoxo

Broken Toilet  3 - Massive Staircase Shit

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Studio: Goddess Tempest