Broken Toilet 30 – Rent A Toilet

Let’s start with the obvious. Yes….it’s true. I had a MASSIVE shit in this video as you can see…I played the role of “Cherelize” a young woman who booked into the fictional hotel “Women’s Inn” A hotel run entirely by women for women, catering for women’s special needs. The hotel only use men as toilets for the female guests and doesn’t have regular bathrooms.Young Cherelize is not too comfortable with the idea so she tries to hold her shit in for two days. But eventually she can’t hold anymore and ask the front desk to send her one of their male toilets.Cherelize is overcome by intense pleasure from taking such a MASSIVE stinking shit into a man’s mouth. It’s like she lose control over her own emotions and give into the urge to masturbate and orgasm repeatedly. The slow & gnetle multiple orgasms drives her to a point where she does something completely out of her soft & caring character. She use her foot to push one of her massive turds right down into the poor man toilet’s throat and then masturbate AGAIN from the sight of his suffering.Afterwards Cherelize let the man lick her asshole clean for her and even though she giggles a little in the beginning because it tickles she is quickly overcome by her first anal-gasm (orgasm from having your asshole licked)Cherelize enjoy this so much she remain seated on the man’s mouth much longer than needed, even instruct him to lick her ass deeper and gasp with two more anal-gasms. Disclaimer:As most of you know I don’t script my videos too much as I want to be my natural self in them. This time I let myself go completely and that is why you’ll see such nice masturbation scenes from me in full view for you. I got a gentle but very satisfying multiple orgasm and decided to be myself. So I kept my legs open so you don’t miss anything and let go completely. It’s a very first for me masturbating with my legs so wide open with my vagina getting soaked in full view of you the viewer xoxo Also included is a 50 second Q&A with me at the end (As you can imagine I do a Q&A “Goddess Tempest” style 😉

Broken Toilet  30 - Rent A Toilet

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Studio: Goddess Tempest