Broken Toilet 5 – Friend Helps Out

How do you measure true friendship? If a friend is willing to let you shit in their mouth because your toilet is broken. It’s been a little over three days I’ve been holding out for the plumber to come and fix it and I simply can’t hold any longer. I really need to shit and I need to shit now. While we are drinking coffee I shyly ask my friend if I can please shit in his mouth. He goes the extra mile by noticing my asshole is ripe and smelly and he still licks it for me so I can relax. Isn’t that an amazing friend? It was the biggest, thickest creamy shit I ever pushed out. He is such a good friend that he swallow the first half with the same speed I’m pushing it out. The relieve was so amazing! He is so sweet for doing this! At the end I film his face through the top of the toilet chair so you can see my creamy load covering the bottom half of his face despite the fact that he swallowed the first half of my load like a champ! I doubt anyone has such good friends as I do. Would you be such a good friend to me by letting me take such a big nasty shit in your mouth?Do not miss this one. I pushed out a thick soft turd and it kept sliding out for around 30 seconds. HUGE load indeed! This film was filmed at THREE angles for your viewing pleasure to ensure you don’t miss any detail of one of the biggest shits I had in my life!Note: I try to upload new clips every 48 to 72 hours xoxo

Broken Toilet  5 - Friend Helps Out

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Studio: Goddess Tempest