Broken Toilet 6 – Huge Breakfast In Bed

There is nothing more wonderful than having your ass licked as you push out a HUGE shit that you held for 5 days, 7 hours and 24 minutes. Yes, you read right the first time! A 5 day shit that I finally let go. I decided to give my slave Devoted Sub breakfast in bed, directly from my very fine looking asshole. Watch as he faces his biggest challenge yet! He swallowed about three quarters of my nasty, thick and creamy shit as it flowed out of my rectum. Watch me sit down on his mouth and push ANOTHER monster shit out, almost tearing my cute little asshole apart! I then sit down on his face again, enjoying the soft warmth of my creamy shit mashing into his face between my fine buttocks. After I get up he takes the rest of my nasty shit and fucks his mouth with it like a pro! Filmed from two angles to ensure you don’t miss any detail of my biggest shit ever. At one part as I push that huge second one out that’s almost tearing my asshole I sit down on his mouth and push it down his throat using my rectum as I keep pushing…Note: I try to upload new clips every 48 to 72 ours as far as possible xoxo

Broken Toilet  6 - Huge Breakfast In Bed

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Studio: Goddess Tempest