Brooke Skye Piss Scene

Conformable Ladies Toilet

Our toilet is going to be punished this evening. He is going to eat two portions of shit from me and Lady Laura. A lot of perverted punishment, a lot of shit and verbal humiliations. At the end after our slave left alone with a huge pile of shit, which he must eat this evening.

It Is Very Smelly Girl

It is very smelly girl. Her shit has a smell and taste more harsh and sweet than Christina’s shit and its much harder to swallow, but it’s very tasty! In the process of shooting, the toilet seat could not stand its weight and broke – it was ridiculous! In the shit of Yana, there were a lot of undigested nuts, which crunched loudly in my mouth.

Schoolgirls Pee On Nasty Professor!

The girls are so made because the nasty prof gave them a failing grade on their finals, which was totally undeserved. To punish him, they cornered him in his office and stripped his clothes off. They collared him and whipped his body. The girls hiked up their skirts and made him eat their cunts. They took turns pissing on his pathetic old body.