Brutal Bizarre Pissaction

Broken Toilet 34 – Educational Shit Eating

Most unique Broken Toilet yet! I’m not calling this one educational without reason. We start of with my sitting on my slave’s face, riding it with my hips for my own pleasure as he is working his tongue deep into my ass. Not only will you see how much I enjoy this. I’m also talking to you during this, explaining to you how this works for getting my full bowels going.Now we move on and I bend over, being filmed from two angles (one very up & close so you can see my shit sliding out of my inviting girl anus) My slave then licks my ass clean and show you my shit stuck on his tongue before he swallows it right in front of you in full view.Here come the educational part. I film my slave and ask him a bunch of questions regarding his take as the submissive toilet slave. Best part, this entire conversation happens WHILE he is eating my bowel movement! All sorts of questions including asking him what my shit tastes like, why he enjoys eating women’s shit and how it makes him feel. After every mouth full of my shit he chewed & swallowed he sticks out his tongue from his open mouth so you can see he swallowed it. This is also when I ask him the next question which he has to answer, again as proof that he is not “hiding” my shit somewhere in his mouth. From there he performs a proper rimming job on me, licking my ass so well that I decided to help it along with a light masturbation, reaching a whopping 50 second orgasm!As far as I know I’m the only one who produced a video of this kind as it’s damn erotic & arousing but also very educational for most of you inexperienced toilet slaves out there. It’s not every day you can see a beautiful woman taking a shit (including close-up view of her asshole), having her ass licked clean, talking & giving you an education at the same time, asking her slave to explain from his perspective WHILE he is eating her shit and topping it off with her having a 50 second orgasm while he is licking her ass deep afterwards xoxo


Big poop from atop cinder blocks!

Heikos 12 Hours Part1

Already at breakfast our slave Heiko is at our command, and waiting for being used for whatsoever.In this case he hits the spot with me and Marie. Precisely in the morning he has got my fullattention. I think it’s great that he wants to surrender himself to me for 12 hours. Therefore I provedhim in a special way. If he will manage this portion?