Brutal Rape Pee

Hidden Camera In Toilet!

A sweetheart is desperate to defecate so she rushes into the company bathroom and immediately makes her way to the toilet! Due to her rush, she fails to realize that somebody has installed a camera in it, consequently recording her every move! After she takes off her panties, she squats on top of the toilet and then makes herself defecate! In the process, she would release burst after burst of foul farting! She would also produce a strong stream of piss along with her poop, creating a large mixture of filth!

Human Toilet In The Girls’ School

Today I am the first in the school, in the classroom a funny surprise waits for me. Someone has provided a living toilet for us girls. What a nice service, you do not have an extra run to the loo and have fun. The shit-eater first only gets my piss, then I shit extensively and torment his balls so he swallows everything completely. The whole seems to be a bit uncomfortable for the toilet – but what the hell, after all he is there for this type of use.

Human Toilet Paper

Today I caught him my personal slave as she touched things that must NOT touch. I handcuffed and degraded to the point of transforming it into my door toilet papers. And not ‘very lucky’ cause he had to feel closely the fragrance of my terrible diarrhea poop … a lot of springs that serve meters of toilet paper!

Hot Student Shitting

A super outdoor shot from a kinky Student that needs some extra money! She is 19 y.o. and loves to shit in front of other people!