Bukakle Pisss

Up Close Poo

Watch me poo into the toilet . Listen to each ball hit the water after it stretches my ass hole .

Matilda And Leona. Shitfuck Me, Bitch. Part 1

First of all a little bit of announcement. We have a celebrations here, first of all the movie you see it is first movie of such kind we are actually filming, and it is Christmas coming, so we have double reason to celebrate. What does it means for you? Sales and discounts to our previous videos.Guys, let me present you our new epic video, more than 30 minutes, we never filmed things like that, finally my friend Leona agreed to join me in the scat game, and to film it on camera, we filmed this film on two very good cameras, first is ?first person view position? and second is static position which I will upload a little bit later. And both of them are perfect and incredible, I am sure you will be satisfied, it is first Leona?s video, so in the beginning we were a little bit shy but then.. Fire burn in me.It will be a crime for me to spoil the moments, see presentation and see video yourself, but all I want to say, is that actually, when I saw this video ? it makes me horny and makes me want to cum myself.We hope that in future we will provide more ?couple contents? with men and women and actual sex in tons of shit.. remember, we need your support.By the way, during this session there were so much shit I never shitted myself before.ok. enjoy.Kisses.Matilda and Leona

Assorted Chips Poo!

I’m taking a nice messy poo all in my chip bag with my favorite goodies falling in the bag I can’t help but be wet and excited!

Fingered When Shitting

I could not let me in the shit to fingers