Bum Finger Poop

Shit At Home And In The Park

I came home and really want to shit. take off all the clothes. I take a glass bowl and start shit. this is seen in close up. I am pleased with the result.I walk in the park. don’t wear underwear. I want to shit. I raise my short skirt and shit flies out of my asshole.

Mistress Annabelle – Eat And Smear My Shit Hd 1920×1080

I led the slave on a leash in my torture room. He kiss my shoes and lick my heels. Then I ordered him to lie down on a special goat and lightly hit him with a whip. Lick my ass and suck my whet pussy, if you want that I piss on you. He put his hands under my ass and I shit with diarrhea on his hand. With pleasure he eat my shit and smear diarrhea on a body. I spit and wiped my feet on him. His pitiful penis stood up and I just laughed at him and kicked him straight on his dick. Stay in the torture room and eat all my shit, dirty toilet. It’s your destiny.

Two Good Plops In The Sink

I take a quick shit in the sink and let out two good turds. I was holding it in since I left work and it felt great.

Sparkle’s Tits, Ass, Gas, And Plops!!

Sparkle comes to you with two great clips!! Enjoy as she drops some big solid logs while out at Macy’s. Then in the second clip she’s at home to take a nice pee and poop while also changing her tampon. In the second clip she left a nice mix in the bowl!!! Two great action packed clips from our newest sensation!!