Bww Women Poop

Diarrhea Attack (full Hd)

In a Christmas atmosphere to the Bluewater shopping center in London, Melissa stops in the public bathroom where in a few minutes painting the toilet. A diarrhea stream explodes from her ass! You offer to clean with your tongue? hahhhhha

Little Man Up My Ass Poop

This miniature bitch gets shoved up my ass where he belongs. He belongs in my ass with my shit…. just like the piece of shit he is. Watch as I show you the little man… then shove him up my ass & shit him back out into a container!! You get a good view of my plump ass sitting backwards on my toilet as I push out the little man & my load of chocolate. You can hear my poop getting squeezed out of my sphincter. Mmmmmm….. Next, I give you a good close-up of my load in the container with the little man in it. Are you ready for me to ship this container to you? I know you can’t wait for this to be your dinner. 😉

Shitty Dildo

This was a huge brown/black load (thanks to meds). It had my back aching for hours while waiting for the perfect time to record. After releasing the beast I grabbed a dildo and gave it a shitty hand job and fucked my messy ass with it. There is a little poop left in me, so I pushed it all out on the dildo. Poop is really the best lube.

I Piss In Your Face, You Dirty Talk

Come on you little pig and put you right under me so I can piss you well in your face as you deserve it.