By Torture In Shit Eating

Suck My Shit! After Work

Well, as I promised in my previous video, I will use the slave instead of my toilet in the evening, after work. First I’ll let him clean my shoes after the street. Then he will carefully clean my asshole with his tongue. He was at home all this time and was waiting for his mistress and he was very hungry. But I endured all day at work and did not shit after morning to feed my slave. When he lay down on the floor and opened his mouth, a large long turd slipped into his throat right out of my ass. Then the next. And he began to suck the pieces of my shit. He enjoyed the bitter taste of my feces and swallowed it. At the end of this meeting, I spat in his mouth and put a heel to his throat. I took his face close to the camera so that it was clearly visible that his face was completely in my shit. He’s a good toilet, isn’t it?

These Hot, Shit-smeared Lesbians Will Make Your Day! – Part 1

She goes down and licks the other girl’s cunt, savoring the sweet and sticky juices. Afterwards, they unload wet, foul-smelling scat and then smeared it all over their bodies! They pick up the huge dildo and inserted the ends into their smelly cunts. They jam the dildo into their cunts as if there’s no tomorrow!

Geneva’s Farty, Runny, Nasty Offering To Her Slaves!!

Mystress Geneva is back! This nasty ass is back with another gassy, farty, nasty public toilet adventure!! Man the noises and the pl0ps coming out of her ass are truly out of control!! She knows you get off to her pl0ps and splashes and she offers you the opportunity to worship at the end!! These are two funky, nasty clips from one the Rookie of the Year Contender!! She and Diamond are the frontrunners for sure, but Ayanna and Sparkle are gonna give them a run!! Not to be outdone by anyone, Plenty of pl0ps, farting, and even a little [email protected]!! Enjoy as she talks nasty while going as well!

Monster Panty Poop!

I’ve been holding my poo for 3 days and finally get to let it all out! In my panties!!! Watch me shit a big load in my cute panties and smear it all over my ass! So damn hot!!!