Cam Poop Shit


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Preggo Gotta Go!

At 8 months pregnant, I put an ad out for a personal slave. When this aspiring slave made the cut to serve Me, I cunningly rushed him into signing a contract which unknowingly turn him into My toilet slave. After having slowly but, surely seduce him into all sort of vile acts; it is time for the ultimate service. Come along for his first ever service as My toilet!

Big Breasted Torry Strips And Pees

The dark haired Torry stands just in front of the toilet and starts stripping. Slowly she takes off her blouse and jeans. Wearing only blue underwear she decides to take them off too! Now totally naked, Torry has to pee! She stands above the toilet and let the golden nectar flow. She doesn’t hit only the ground of the toilet but that’s not important ? because from this point of view you can see her peeing action better!