Cam Toilet Girl Poop Accident

Mistress Roberta – Toilet Diary On Potty Chair Day 3

Today is the third day of this series and as usual i pee alot this time and do a bit of diarrhea and some farts and after i show them to you to make you wanna eat them 🙂 enjoy!

Hot Mama Sells Her Scat!

In need of money to support her family, this HOT MAMA has to do this. She decided to sell her scat in order to provide food for her family!

The Scat Bitch P1

The shit eater is rough humiliated by the Scatqueens and trimmed as a Bitch. Again and again the Scat Bitch needs to open his mouth, so that the Scatqueens can spit into it. His face is already quite full with their hot snot. But then Lady Domi must poop and pee. The Bitch now has his mouth open again so Lady Domi can piss and shit in his shithole. The slave has to swallow everything from its KV mistress.

Domi Shits Pee And Vomit Again

Once again its time for consumption. the slave is visiting domi cat at her home. First she piss in his mouth then she shits in it and at last she puke in his mouth!