Cam Toilet Pee

Piss Of 3 Ladies

A new slave is tested for his ability to swallow. Three ladies donate him their pee. It starts with Svenja. A true flood of piss pours into the slave’s mouth, more than a slave can swallow. Then the series is Rosella: she lets an endless stream pour into the slave’s mouth. The conclusion is Contessa Calucci, so that the slave is not released thirsty under any circumstances.Since with such amounts of piss a lot has gone wrong, but which must not be wasted, the slave must lick everything from the good soil following the piss orgy.

The Power Of Scatqueens P2

First, the slave must prove us that he is a real human toilet and he has to chew and swallow the complete second pile of shit. It takes a short time. He only needs to put the pile in his toilet mouth, so that he can swallow it. Then Lady Amy and Lady Grace again pissing in his mouths washed itself and of course the third pile, served by Lady Grace, but then she fills up the toilet mouth over the top. Well then, again, enjoy the shit toilet slave.

Peeing On The Boat

Erica can’t hold it any longer and with boats approaching, she just lets it flow!

14 Girls And A Floor Level Toilet Slave Part 15

In this Video we pushed our Toilet Slave to his Limits with 14 Girls. Even though he was sick afterwards, he did serve us well for the Movie. Ths is Part 15 with Yessy. English Subtitles