Camera Spy Toilet Pooping

Toilet Loser

My toilet slave is lying in the bathroom on the floor and may first consider my hot ass and lick my pussy. Then I put a huge funnel in his mouth, in the hope that he can swallow everything so easily without that something goes wrong. At first, it looks like he is swallowing well.But the mass of shit is once again a bit too big for him and the funnel with all the piss and shit falls out of his mouth. A very nice mess. Fortunately, most of it stays in his mouth and he can continue to swallow. But he does not have his best day today. Even intense punches do not help. Unfortunately, he cannot eat everything. His training is apparently still not complete.

Diarrhea Directly Into Throat After Cbt

Godess feel great again today (she was in a good mood) 🙂 Calling me quickly at her dungeon she order me to undress and take my position for obeying all her orders. She tie my cock and balls, use them for her pleasure, slapping them, ballbusting them, using my mouth for ashtray, spitting into my mouth, and ordering me to sniff and smell her dirty asshole. After all humiliating tasks, she agree to give me my meal, and my drink. She needs help when she was peeing into a box for my later meal. Then she use my mouth and throat for depositing a huge Diarrhea. At the end she allow me to stroke my tied cock using her Diarrhea on it. Thx Godess !!

Hot Candy Shit A Soft Long Sausage

I In my red Nylons, red Tangas and black High Heels i make you so hot…..then i sit on the floor and you can see my sexy curvy ass!! Ahh,i give my leg on the sofa,so you can very good see on my rosette!! Then comes the soft long sausage- on one piece… can see the sausage so near,i Love when i can shit for you!! Rrrrr….