Candid Woman Pee

Makiko’s First Turd Experience!

Makiko strained at her restraints as one of the men opened her ass up for the first time. She wanted to shout in embarrassment, but she could only manage small sniffles. Her red anus bloomed withthe lightest touch, and the men played with her hole until she could no longer hold in. Globs of fresh shit began piling on the floor, making a mess, and coloring the air with a slimy, grass-like scent. Makiko’s thick brown soup continued even after the man released her crack, and she couldn’t stop squeezing shit out because it felt so good to do it in front of the old man.

Mistress Roberta -smearing My Leather Pants After Scat Full

Today i came back from running and tell my bitch slave to worship my converse and my leather tight pants because i have the converse dirty and my ass sweaty so he starts with the converse cleaning their sole and after he worship my leather tight pants and meanwhile i start to fart in his nose.While he worship my leather ass and i fart in his face i push his head more deep into my ass so he can get good quality farts and after i order him to lay down so i can pee and shit on his face and after i pull my leather pants on and smear them on his face full of shit and to compleet i take out a dildo and plunge his troat with it .

Student Shitting For Extra Credit! – Part 3

She cries in humiliation as she waits for teacher to approve of her performance. He tell her to get the shit off the floor and eat it, ALL of it! Poor girl has no choice but to eat her own shit in the name of a passing grade!

Closeup Poop And Rectal Thermometer

This is a groundhogging backwards-facing poop with rectal temperature taking and dirty talk. I start off the video by telling you in detail about my last bowel movement, then telling you what I last ate. Then I tell you how absolutely desperate I am for the toilet, I have been desperate since I woke up and it’s mid-afternoon now! I set the camera down below my ass nice and close so you can see my tight little asshole. I groundhog a little, teasing you with my logs, then when I just can’t hold it in any longer I start pushing and a very large pile of light brown, soft shit comes out. I tell you how it feels as it comes out then I wink and flex my asshole a little before sticking a rectal thermometer in. I take my temperature (in Celsius), squeezing the tip and telling you how it feels before showing you the filthy tip of the thermometer close-up in detail. Then I wipe, leaving a big streak up my ass crack and wink it a little more before signing off.