Cant Hold Piss Anymore

Shit Eater Worm

My slave is going to inhale my ass and lick my dirty shoes! But he cannot touch my asshole with his lips, because he is a toilet! All he can do is eat my shit! He disgusts me! He is a shit eater, worm, and nothing more! When I see that he cannot take all of my shit at once I am order him eat all of my smelly shit!

Piss In The Funnel

The prisoner get pissed twice in the ass, using a funnel. She is not happy about it;)

Scat Cats 04 Second Cam

This is the same clip like Vomit Cats 04, but from a different camera angle.We have a new scat slave wow! First both of us piss in his mouth, then Kimi Cat shits a very very big pice of yummy creamy shit in his pathetic mouth! We spit at him and push all the scat deep inside his mouth!