Cant Old It And Poops In Panties Videos

Mega Smearing & Swallowing Shit!!!

Many would like to see me all my hair and face in shit… So… It’s time for this video 🙂 This video is very hard and incredibly dirty! All my hair is shit and my face is full too!! And of course as always swallowing and more swallowing of shit !!!The husband of my Mistress as much as two times to take a shit and piss for me, Then all of this was on me and in me!I smeared two pieces of shit and swallowed some of the shit and then drank the piss…Imagine that you are my Master and in this video I play with your shit and swallow it!Slave-woman Laura.

Outdoor Shitting And Pissing At The Same Time! ..with Squirting ..

Here I shitting and pissing at the same time in a parking lot on a main road! And so a turd left there. That made me so hot that I had my clit waxed afterwards until I squirted off!

Nice Highheel-pile

Under moaning and groaning I press nicely shaped sausage pieces out of my butt .. hmmmm .. 🙂

Toilet Slave Takes Toilet Shape

Here Chrystal and Gabi hang the Slave’s Hands from a Tree so he turns into a comfortable Toilet for them with english Subtitles