Car Pee Kaboo

Mistress Roberta -my Birthday-your Present-pov

Today is my birthday and i prepared a nice surprise for you first i eat alot so i can give you a fat creamy shit, some pee as always, and lick clean my ass after i poop and only after you can eat your present, bon apetit!

World Premiere! My Girlfriend Tina Swallows For The 1st Time Piss!

My girlfriend Tina has always been enthusiastic about it as much piss I swallow of countless men, women and also of her. But so far, she had not yet dared also times to swallow piss. With a user meeting, it was time that she dared to swallo the Piss from the user ! So the User pissed us in our mouths and Tina swallowed with me the horny piss of the User for her first Time! We gave us also horny piss Kisses! The spicy men’s piss seems to have Tina tasted so we are now probably more often swallow together horny piss!

Crazy! Public Pissing In The Train!

Crazy and daring! Extreme Public: Was traveling by train and was wearing a short skirt. Because I was horny and wet again and my panties were all wet, I have this taken off during the ride and presents my wet pussy. Since I had to pee anyway, I pissed in a great arc on the floor of the train compartment while the train passed and an announcement was given by the train crew. During my action on the train was also 2 times the conductor past and almost got me!

Your Wish-nylon Stocking Refined With Shit

Today I veredel just for my nylons, I love to put you in your times cheeky mouth möchte.Du always say you’re the one to which I have been waiting and wishing to swallow all of me. Now you can prove it to me if you’d really let my nylons you put in your mouth.