Cartoon Girl Peeing

Urine In Jeans1

I’m standing by the car and really want to write. I continue to drink water. now I can not stand it any longer. I pee right in my pants. this can be seen close-up. I sit in the car and pee on the car seat. hato fun. now I’m all wet. my jeans are completely wet.

Shitty Ass In Oil

A lot of shit from Mistress Nikole into the slave’s mouth. It’s a treat out of my ass. Keep your mouth open and do not close it until I finish shitting.

The Human Toilet – Attached

Crazy ! Here you see the most perfect human toilet ever. Lady Kalida shows how to use it. Pee and Scat clear away in his gullet.There is no escape for this poor toilet. And after doing her business, she puts the toilet-brush completely in the slave’s ass.