Cat Cant Hold In Shit

Masae’s Forked Turd

Masae’s pussy has always been funky and pungent, the kind of pussy that you’d never think twice about eating until she faints from pleasure. I know, because I’m the human toilet, and I see her lovely secrets every day. She always start her poop with a putrescent shower, because she likes holding in her golden liquid for hours. I welcome the smell as it hits my face, all the way down to my chest. It warms me up real good. I could smell her anus, it’s opening perfectly to reveal a hard turd that’s already forking at its tip. That has to be a really hard one and its smells delightfully foul too – she likes her meat and weird soda pops, alright. Her turd forks again before her tight anus pinches it off, leaving flakes of shit around her precious hole. I’m going to lick that later. But first, I need to eat this forked goodness – brown and majestic, and all just for me.

Huge Smelly Shit

I tied a slave and spanked him. I ordered him to suck my heels and enjoy the process of cleaning my shoes. And I played with his cock and made him lick my pretty legs. Next I will use my toilet slave mouth. He liked such breakfast. He should eat this, or he will stay with my shit in his mouth until he swallows it all to the last bit! I know that this is cruelly, but I do not care If he wants the attention of Mistress, he must learn to be a good toilet for me! This is also true for each toilet slave! You must be able to swallow my shit quickly and easily if you want to serve as a permanent toilet for me!

Shitting With High Heels

When I wear my heels when shit that’s out always press for a very horny angle. Look at me how the sausage between heels falls to the ground …