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Newlyweds Defecation Celebration – Part 3

Part 3 – Her new husband has a dark secret and she will quickly learn that he is nothing more than a brutal scatologist. Who extracts her feces and uses her holes as he pleases.

Successful Mind Control Experiment, Woman Strips And Urinates! – Full Movie

After a series of failed experiments, a scientist finally performs his very first successful mind control on a woman! Now that he has her under his command, he makes good use of it by having her strip and suck his dick! However, he doesn’t spend much time on it, instead, moves on to his other fetish! He puts her in a small cubicle and then has the woman pee where she stands! Shortly after, he bends her over and finger fucks her pussy! Though, he doesn’t spend much time on it, rather, has her stand up again and resume with peeing! Eventually, he pulls her out, but only to sit her on top of a table with her legs spread wide open! While he is pinching and playing with her nipples, she is made to piss all that she can! By the time she is rendered completely empty, he has her get back in the small cubicle!


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