Cat Girls Play With Shit

Eat My Shit Dinner

This time I wear red tights and also black panties. I show you my great ass and how much I can birth a HUGE shit for you, little bitch. My shit are very smelly. In addition, you will get my piss and spit. It’s all yours. Bon appetit!

Cwm Wetting: Outdoor Desperation & Shorts Pissing

I’m sitting outside in denim shorts, reading a book as I get more and more desperate. I fidget, moan and grab my crotch as I struggle to hold on. A dark patch appears as piss starts to leak out of me. I do my best to keep control for as long as I can. I’m powerless to resist as piss spills out of me, splashing on the floor in front of you while you watch from below…

Group Scat Sex – 2

My wife, our bitch neighbor and two guys. Amazing poop and pee group session.

Lady Lina – The Shit Saleswoman

At 6 o┬┤clock in the morning, Lady Lina comes to her slave to sell him her morning shit.