Cat Girls Smearing Shit


A gushing eruption of poop! Note: Audio is briefly muted at points of cameraman verbal interjections.

In The Morning So Much Mega Shit

I the Morning i must big shitting!! I go to the toilett and my rosette opens so fast that you can see pure!! Then come two big Pralines and then a big sausage!! Can you eat all this shit from me?

Twin Poop For Twin Pigs Part 10

Girls uses Man

Arrogant Street Hoods – Yes, We Piss On Them

Well delivered waterfall by Leila and Sandhiya. Each girl has her own toilet to piss on. Nice gesture by leila when she wipes her foot on her guy. Nice gesture by Sandhiya when she spits on the guy. When they finish pissing on the back, they make the guy turn around to piss on their face and chest. The music track is Macedonian. This is a premium HD (1440×1080) video . Very enjoyable if it can be seen on a HD TV set