Cat Heter In Female Pee

Mistress Gaia – Amber Nectar Reward

Custom Request – I would like you to make a video that, after discovering how useless and small it was, my insignificant penis (plus a clitoris that a penis) decided to give me a sense: that of Cesso and sperm storage. My male name is not good: michele is for men. I will now be michelle the slut. Anyway, michelle the slut, will have to be used as cess and posasperma. However, before having the honor to drink your golden nectar, or to enjoy your favour, I must obey whatyou tell me to do.1 – Make me take the position of pathetic mangiasborra (legs in the air and clitoris pointing to the mouth)2 – You piss in my mouth and in my face alone, deriding me and telling me not to swallow3 – a countdown to make me cuddle in my mouth, but of course let me stop touching my cock at 1 to ruin my orgasm4 – With my mouth full of piss and crap, make me do a number of tasks (such as slapping my balls, poking my ass fingers, disgusting gargles, and things like that).5 – If you are satisfied, please make me complain (with your mouth full throbbing on everything) that you can drink everything. To grab me to drink it all but before … another account at the back: position by CEI with second cum in the mouth (even this ruined orgasm, maybe followed by some slap on the balls).6- At this point the camera points you as you piss in the face as wellReward saying that I passed the first test and that in the coming days you will teach me to eat the shit too. Spit in my direction telling me how pathetic I am and going, leaving me full of poodle, crap and frustration for two ruined orgasms…

Ruslana Fly Messy

Ruslana is hot pooping in sexy satin panties;)

A Mistress Needs With Diana

Here a Girl uses her Toilet Slave for a little more than just her Toilet. It has English Subtitles. This Video was produced by Diana as Support for her Friend Adison

Mistress Rayven Peeagra Falls

Mistress Rayven humiliates all you worthless toilet boys and drenches you in her golden waterfall of nectar.