Cat Poop Shit Fart

Absolutely Filled

I have a permanent toilet slave to visit Me everytime when I want it, and he looking forward to eating My delicious shit! So I’m sitting over his head to feed him. My shit was really liquid and disgusting that day, which made it even harder for him to consume. I filled his dirty stinky mouth. Now he is a full toilet for me! I am happy with this liberation, and will soon have it trained up to be a perfect shit eater, guzzling it down.

Boss Feeds Under Performing Employee With Piss And Pussy!

It is the end of the month so this lady looks at the performance records of the employees. One that caught her attention is of a man who has been under performing consecutively in the previous months! Without further ado, she summons the guy in her office to punish! As soon as he arrives, she throws him on the floor and then lays him on his back! Shortly after, she takes off her lower garments and stuffs her panties inside his mouth, leaving him repeatedly gagging! She later puts the garment away, but it doesnÂ’t signify the end of his punishment, as a matter of fact, it is when things took a turn for the worst! The dominatrix powerfully pries open his mouth and then urinates inside it! This left him swallowing a couple of mouthfuls of her piss!

Eat The Shit Hd Ver

Well the slave, I see you won’t be appeased in the desires in any way, to serve as my toilet. Today such day and I will fill your mouth with shit, but before I will torment and torture you a little bit. You will lick my asshole so far I won’t tell you stop. Today your successful day! Now open a mouth more widely and be going to accept shit from my ass. Lick my shity ass, lick it better, you are a toilet and has to eat shit!

Terrace Pissing

Dressed in a killer black leather/latex outfit I am pissing like a fountain on the terrace! Video includes also a slow motion part of the pissing action! HD quality! You could see how it gushes from my peehole crystal clear and detialed.