Cat Russian Shit

Amateur Smear

I was in the middle of a shower when the urge to poop came over me. Guess I need to lather up and rinse. How else would I unwind after a stressful day at work? ? (Also, ignore my dog barking. Can’t script this stuff…)

Mistress Roberta – Poop With Farts For Breakfast-pov

Today i fart in the same time i poop and you should stay so near my ass untill you can catch my shit in your mouth and smell my farts just the time they come out splashing your face with shit pieces is a nice view for your breakfast today slave so enjoy your breakfast.

Office Ladies Target The Intern! – Part 3

After filling his face with vomits of noodles, they take turns sitting over his face and washing him with their piss! They clean the vomit off his face before commanding him to do the paperwork!

Public Shit And Piss On The Highway Bridge!

I`m a extremely showing Slut and therefore mostly, I wear no panties, under my dress, and skirt! And because I had just shitting and peeing, I went on a motorway bridge! There I Pissed first a huge amount of piss and then, I have beautiful, pooped. The car and truck drivers could see me and watched me ! Some truck drivers honked when I was doing my business! Seems, they like what they saw!