Cat Shit Condom

Just Take It Slave

Way too many slaves think about their preferences and pleasure rather than simply understanding that if you are a real slave, then it is not about you but ONLY about the Mistress! You really think that the slaves back in the days had a choice? In this clip, there is no bullshit. Princess McKenzie wants to spank, humiliate and piss on her slave and then she wants him to kiss her feet saying thank you, Princess McKenzie. As said as done. Just take it slave and be quiet!

Shit In The Pot 3

I have a baby pot. I want to shit. I’m doing it right in the baby pot. it’s fun. my shit can be seen close-up. I’m pissing in the pot

Creamy Shit And Shitty Boots

New sexy video with stunning creamy shit and shoes) First, I shit a giant pile of shit, then I’m a little smeared face and taste it, then I smear the shit on the boots) a simple, hot, nice video for a nice price))

Kinky In A Bowl

Kinky shits and pees in a bowl